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Il Programmatore J-R Runner è un programmatore economico che permette in sostanza di programmare qualsiasi NAND X360 e qualsiasi COOL RUNNER.

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Descrizione prodotto

Il Programmatore J-R Runner è un programmatore economico che permette in sostanza di programmare qualsiasi NAND X360 e qualsiasi COOL RUNNER.

The new Xecuter J-R programmer has been created to cater to the budget conscious and coded to work hand in hand with the latest version of the J-Runner app.

A third of the size of the Xecuter NAND-X and optimized to run faster than any other USB-SPI based tool (other brands run at 50% of NAND-X speed, the J-R runs at 80%), this nifty tool can fully read/write NAND over SPI and can also program the Xilinx CoolRunner Dev Boards over USB !

Complete with a CoolRunner JTAG cable so you simply plug 'n program without any soldering using the latest J-Runner App (needs to be at least Build 268). Also comes with NAND installation wires that have the connectors that are compatible with the NAND-X QSB boards. If you don't use the QSB's you can simply cut off the connectors and do a normal wires only install.

The J-R programmer is also fully upgradeable and can be programmed using the Xecuter X360USB PRO Update app. Onboard LED's indicate Power and Bootloader Mode .

RED LED: Bootloader Mode (Switch to the left)
GREEN LED: J-R Programmer Mode (Switch to the right)


Fast NAND Programming
Fast XILINX CoolRunner JTAG Programming
Compatible with both Phat and Slim
Onboard LED's indicate Power & Data
Easy Install System
Compatible with All NAND-X QSB's
Includes Cable For QSB or Wires Install (QSB Sold Separately)
Includes Cable For Xilinx CoolRunner JTAG
Includes KIOSK option for Remote Reset
Built-in Programmer For Future Firmware Upgrades
Designed for the latest J-Runner App (Build 270+)
Rock Solid Design – Tested by the J-Runner Team
Supports New CoolRunner/NAND-X QSB Kits (Solder Separately)
Affordable – We Provide You With More For Less !
High Quality & Trusted Xecuter Design

What's In The Kit:

J-R Programmer
NAND Cable Set (Can fit to optional QSB or cut use as wires install)
CoolRunner JTAG Cable Set 

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